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Huangpu, Shanghai, China, 200003

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Jilu Chen




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Shanghai Qian An Creative Design Co.,Ltd

Our startup founded in Shanghai and we have an online product crowd-innovation community named "KaiZao".

"KaiZao" is an online product crowd-innovation community. ios APP:开造 Wechat official account: kaizao2017 “KaiZao”provides a platform that gives consumers the opportunity to express their wishes and ideas of products, and even create products with the help of professional teams. At the same time, Companies or brands can make online competition in“KaiZao”, which helps companies getting closer to the end user of the product, understanding their users more and producing the products that consumers really wish for. And this will bring multi-benefit results: consumers are satisfied because they needs are met; idea sponsors realize their personal value through the same time they get the sharing revenue; companies reduce the risk of launching new products, all professional manpower, resources and time investment are more worthy; Meanwhile our environment can also be less damaged by failed products. KaiZao helps non-professional members participating in the process of product design, by: -simplification and publicizing the process of product design in APP; -offering tools to record the ideas through App; -offering tools to get and record inputs from others in APP; -offering chance to exchange your product ideas with KaiZao’s team privately. -holding online & offline community to meet more like-minded people; -evalutating the needs/ideas and select ideas to development from time to time; -offering professional supports like: research, design, material analysis, engineering analysis, cost analysis etc. ; -connection with factories and sellers; -production & sharing revenue with community. At the same time, KaiZao helps companies producing products that consumers really need by: -making online competition; -collecting & understanding consumers’ requirements; -holding online & offline activities to have constant interaction and feedbacks from the market; -offering in-depth professional services like: research, branding, product design, package design, patent application etc.