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Three Dimensional Solar Energy Capture Standard solar panels are 2 dimensional objects that need the same

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Three dimensional Solar Energy Collectors Current solar panels are two dimensional flat rectangles with one surface covered in photovoltaic wafers connected together in squares. The obverse surface is white to reflect ground heat for efficiency and mounted parallel to the ground to catch the sun. Two of these panels erected back to back and placed in a vertical position would constitute a three dimensional solar panel that would generate twice as much electricity but only have a ground footprint of say 10 centimetres by ground footprint The section between the two backs has a gap which can serve as a cooling area by capillary piping carrying a cooling medium such as water, pumped by a temperature controlled domestic water pump This infrared spectrum of the solar energy output could contribute a further. 40%+ energy capture. The three dimensional world we live in is immersed in a transparent negative medium. the following photos demonstrate this These photos are an installation of solar light panels, the top surfaces of the lamps are in impossible locations to gather photons. They all emitting the same lumens and they all last for the same amount of time. Experimental proof of sunlight immersion Front full sun pastedGraphic.png Full back to sun in shade pastedGraphic_1.png The photos were taken under this covered patio roof pastedGraphic_2.png As this is heresy to current science and practices these photos are proof that that is not so. Exploiting this phenomenon efficiently, by using the effect shown in the photos, would be to increase the surface area by using a flexible solar panel to create a vertical cylinder This cylinder can be connected to the electric grid by using the already installed global mass of street lamps. Street lamps are connected to the mains electrical grid already thereby able to push into the electric grid 12volt dc generated, using a suitable dc to ac inverter. Using the vertical pole section of a street lamp wrapped 360 degrees around the circumference of the vertical pole section will create the vertical post section into multi kilowatt power source This electrical power enables a street lamp fitted with a battery, to charge the battery, (In sunlight in about an hour) which can then power the street lamp during the hours of darkness. In the rest of the available daylight hours power generated is pumped into the electricity grid on a chargeable basis. This development enables any street lamp globally to start delivering free lighting and income at a profitable rate instead of power costs. This principal could also be applied to wind turbine towers doubling their output incredibly cheaply. Flexible Solar PV Panels are in mass production now, retro fitting using suitable designs to support these panels that can be produced locally on a global scale. Making a vast difference in reducing air pollution and Co2 levels from fossil fuel power generation, in a very short time scale starting today. New patent has been filed-on a practical method of retrofitting any type of lamppost or wind turbines supporting tower
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Headquarters Hicks Ave, Greenford UB6 8HB, UK

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