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Seaformatics Systems

At Seaformatics we empower the modern outdoor explorer to capture energy anywhere and explore further.

At Seaformatics we empower the modern outdoor explorer to capture energy anywhere and explore further.

Our first product, the WaterLily, is a patent-pending micro-turbine that captures energy from river or wind power to recharge USB devices such as cellphones, GPS units, cameras, and satellite phones.

We plan to explore additional markets in the future with this product/technology including sailing, military, disaster preparedness/relief, and subsea applications.

Company Seaformatics Systems

WaterLily Turbine

Offer WaterLily Turbine

The WaterLily is a patent pending 15 watt micro-turbine that captures energy from river or wind to power USB devices.

Seaformatics Systems Inc. is a high growth potential company that aims to sell a suite of turbine products and systems that allow its customers to harness renewable energy in the form of flowing water and wind to power and recharge stand-alone devices. Seaformatics is the result of a research project at Memorial University of Newfoundland which began in 2007 . The founders of Seaformatics Systems Inc. include the engineers who helped developed the technology at Memorial University. The team has been working together since 2009 as research engineering staff at Memorial. The WaterLily was developed after many years of research on the SEAlily turbine technology. The patent pending SEAlily 50w submersible microtidal turbine provides a rugged source of low-cost, long term power for sensors and systems deployed subsea in the harsh marine environment. As well, the Company was admitted into the Genesis Centre Technology Incubator’s Enterprise Program in December 2016. To start, the team plans to focus on the production, marketing and sales of WaterLily turbines with SEAlily turbines to potentially follow in the future. To date, we have shipped WaterLily units to thousands of customers across 6 continents and 43 countries. Our marketing efforts to date have been focused solely on Canada and the USA.

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