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Recycling Technologies has developed a modular machine to recycle waste plastic in a commercially attractive way.

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Plastic is fantastic, used everyday, everywhere in our lives. However, when plastic packaging becomes waste just 10% is recycled; the rest is landfilled, incinerated or lost in our environment and our oceans. With demand for plastic expected to double in twenty years, the need to rapidly increase plastic recycling capability is urgent.

Recycling Technologies has developed and patented a world-leading machine, the RT7000, that chemically recycles plastic waste back into oil, Plaxx®. This is a petroleum raw material that can be used in new plastics production, as well as very low sulphur fuels and waxes. The RT7000 recycles plastic commonly considered 'unrecyclable' such as crisps packets, black food trays etc.

Waste site operators and local councils are crying out for attractive alternatives to the landfilling and incineration of mixed plastics, which cost them today £80-£130 per tonne. The RT7000 fits easily into existing recycling centres and enables their operators to turn this plastic waste liability into a product, Plaxx®, which has a value of c.£300 per tonne in the market.

RT7000 is modular and will be mass-produced, enabling a rapid roll-out anywhere in the world. Starting with the 1st commercial RT7000 in Scotland this year - part-funded by the Scottish government - within a decade the company plans to install capacity to recycle 10 million tonnes of plastic annually, 3 times EU’s capacity today.

Recycling Technologies at a glance:
- Beta Plant successfully operated at Swindon Council’s recycling centre
- 1st commercial machine contracted and 30% of oil already sold
- 1300 more to be built by 2027 recycling 10Mt of plastic each year
- Supported by the Innovate UK, BEIS and the Scottish Government
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Other products

The RT7000 machine converts post-consumers' waste plastic into petroleum products, commercially named Plaxx®.

ACCEPTS A BROAD RANGE OF RESIDUAL PLASTIC WASTE- ensures access to a large stream derived from plastics currently considered 'unrecyclable' from unsorted household, commercial and industrial plastic waste.

OPTIMISED LOGISTICS – the relatively small scale of the RT7000 allows it to be located within existing waste management facilities, reducing financial and environmental costs of transporting Residual Plastic Waste.

HIGHLY SCALABLE SOLUTION – modular containerised units that can be mass produced off-site, quickly assembled/distributed globally.

COST SAVINGS – offering a competitive fee for processing plastic waste when compared with landfill and energy from waste facilities.

LOW CAPITAL COST – basic commodity outputs thus avoiding the need for extensive on-site refining.

LOW TECHNOLOGY RISK – an innovative assembly of proven technologies from long-term established industries.

EXPOSURE TO MULTIPLE END MARKETS – Plaxx is a versatile product that can be sold to a number of attractive markets, providing a financially resilient business model.

The RT7000 brings chemical recycling into the market. Its technology is based on the thermal cracking of polymers: in the absence of oxygen, heat cracks the long carbon chains of plastic producing a vapour which is condensed into a four Plaxx products.

- Plaxx-8
- Plaxx-16
- Plaxx-30
- Plaxx-50

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