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Committed to reducing air pollution, combating climate change, & saving human lives through scientific advancement & groundbreaking technologies.

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Founded 2020
Company Size 8
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Founders Mark Di Carlo
Headquarters Colorado Springs, CO 80921, USA
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RainIons is an air pollution reduction and climate change prevention system that eliminates pollution and greenhouse gases from the air via a unique combination of negative ions and precipitation. This green solution replicates the way Mother Nature cleans the air, but instead of transferring the pollution from the air to the ground and water, the pollution is captured inside the system so it can be eliminated from the environment and leave no harmful footprint on the earth. The captured pollution will be cleaned using a 100% biodegradable cleaning solution, organically sourced biodegradable cleaning filters, and/or several natural processes that will eliminate the pollution from the environment; and once the polluted water is cleaned, it will be reused in the system. The captured Carbon Dioxide (CO2) will be filtered, collected and stored for reuse in enhanced oil recovery, pharmaceuticals, the beverage industry, etc. The system reduces stagnant pollution over cities and pollution emitted from factory smokestacks. Additionally, the technology can be modified to reduce pollution emitted from vehicles. - Our technology is patented in the US and patent pending in Europe. - Scientific feasibility studies validated the technology. -- A recently completed feasibility study on the science of the system determined the patented technology could reduce all types of airborne pollutants by up to 99%, including Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 and smaller and CO2. -- Another feasibility study determined a modified, significantly less expensive version of the technology (not using all of its capabilities) in a vehicle tailpipe application could still significantly reduce vehicle emission pollutants: · Particulate Matter (PM)10 – 98% · PM2.5 – 96% · Ozone – > 99% · Carbon Monoxide – 12% · Lead – 89% · Sulfur Oxides – 87% · Hydrocarbons – 80% · Volatile Organic Compounds – 86% · Nitrogen Oxides – 99% · Carbon Dioxide – 34% - We have contacts in: -- The automobile industry. -- Vehicle tailpipe manufacturing industry. -- OIL & GAS & Power Supply Industries - The University of California at Riverside, which is one of the primary emissions testing facilities for the state of California, conducts the testing. -- After successful testing, we are going to publish the results, and the University of California at Riverside is going to send the results to the Emissions Compliance, Automotive Regulations and Science Division. This division is responsible for developing and implementing statewide programs to advance vehicular technology to reduce air pollution from vehicles.
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Headquarters Colorado Springs, CO 80921, USA

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean water and sanitation
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