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Pyrocycle developed a novel, efficient, non-polluting and cost-effective technology for recycling the electronic waste.

Pyrocycle developed a new cost-effective, environmentally friendly thermochemical process for recycling E-waste without toxic emissions or landfill, by recovering the base metals like copper and the precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium and also by decontaminating the plastics that contain high levels of toxic halogenated flame retardants, whose releases cause environmental and human health concerns, and transform it to value-added products like: oil, gas and carbon. In this way, we avoided the carcinogen character of these materials and the possibility of producing hazardous materials that might reduce the acceptance of our recycling process, and we closed the loop by turning scrap phones and PCs into valuable resources.
Pyrocycle will impact our community:
1- Socially, by creating jobs in the fields of sorting, maintenance, chemistry, business, engineering, administration;
2- Environmentally, by reducing the harmful environmental and health effects of the toxic emissions generated by burning the E-waste;
3- Economically, by recovering the precious metals, as the printed circuit boards (PCB) contain a significant amount of gold (up to 300g/t Au), approximately 300 times higher than that of the ores (1-1.5 g/t Au).
Our CEO was honoured as a Canada's 2019 Clean50 - Emerging Leader and our project has received Canada's 2019 Clean50 Top Project Award, for demonstrated leadership in sustainability through the development of our solution for recycling Electronic waste.

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