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47807 Krefeld, Germany

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Dr. Philipp Huppertz, Michael Schallenburger, Leschek Kopczynski, Prof. Dr. Roland Zeise





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Power System Insight

We use Data-Science, Electrical- and Software Engineering to answer global challenges of distribution grid operators.

Our company merges the worlds of Data-Science, Electrical- and Software Engineering to answer the global challenges most distribution grid operators face with the integration and management of renewable energies and the overwhelming amount of new data. Our business model is the development and sale of 100 % self-written simulation models of the power system. We focus on high efficiency algorithms and therefore the models are based on the programming languages C/C++ and Web-technologies. This gives us the maximum flexibility to incorporate our algorithms into different types of existing systems or platforms.

Company Power System Insight


Offer GridCal

Our solution creates an optimal energy distribution process by using existing grid capacities first and low investments.

Our solution tackles the challenges in the distribution grid directly where they occur. The innovation of our software solution is, based on its maximum efficiency, that it is able to run on an existing measurement unit already installed in the local substation. Therefore, no additional hardware is needed. This secures scalability as it also reduces the cost of power grid digitization. Our software runs e.g. on a programmable logic controllers (PLC) which is the central control unit. Our system then enables to analyze the data and assist the operator using the existing power grid more efficiently. Our solution enables the integration of more renewable energies and electrical vehicles, as it constantly monitors the state of the system. Furthermore, real-time control of the grid creates the possibility to reduce overall energy losses in the system. In addition, our solution reduces costs in communication and latency and it increases the level of security.

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