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Praxis Aeronautics

Praxis was founded in 2016 to commercialise its process of integrating solar cells directly inside composite material.

Praxis Aeronautics has developed a proprietary process of encapsulating solar cells directly inside composite material while maintaining optical clarity of the material and not affecting the energy efficiency of the cells. To date the technology has been applied to produce solar powered wings for UAVs. Praxis solar wings have increased the flight duration of equivalent non-solar drones by 2-3 times. The technology can just as readily be used for a number of other applications. The process offers the following benefits: - the solar cells are as tough as the composite material itself and well suited to the most demanding applications - it adds little or no weight because the cells become a structural element of the material, thereby replacing composite material. - the product is waterproof, scratch resistant, and aerodynamic in surface. - the encapsulation adds little complexity to the manufacturing process, adding no significant cost to production (other than for the cells themselves).