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Power Bloom

Energy for All!

The best path to universal energy access is distributed power. Power Bloom’s solution to bring electric power to those who need it most is to create a truly green, light weight, flexible, affordable solar module utilizing recent breakthroughs in organic semiconductors, advanced materials and high-speed roll-to-roll electronic printing.
To reach the most people in the shortest period of time, it is critically important to provide Tier 1* level power. This level of electrification allows families to gain the benefits of lighting, mobile device charging and radio reception and is a bridge to economic independence, improved education and better health.
Organic solar cells are a third-generation photovoltaic technology using organic materials to harvest energy from light. OPV is the most sustainable means to convert sunlight into electricity and Power Bloom is the only company designing OPV specifically for use by Tier 1.
OPV production is free of any rare or toxic materials and has the least energy payback time of any PV technology. Modules are made with 100% recoverable materials. Currently available PV solutions are making strides in lessening energy poverty but are inferior for the populations Power Bloom wants to serve. Power Bloom’s system is a much better fit for customers in Tier 1 due to its lowest costs, flexible, durable & lightweight form. The benefits gained by the households who would purchase Tier 1 level PV solutions will have a payback as low as 1 year.
As OPV power conversion efficiency increases and scale brings costs down, families will move from Tier 1 systems to higher tiers bringing the electrical power necessary to add fans, refrigeration and other appliances creating a positive feedback cycle of increasing economic independence and movement out of poverty. *Tier 1 (also known as PicoPV systems) The World Bank along with 18 NGOs developed a five-tier system for electricity consumption. It describes minimum requirements of power systems including kWh produced and hours of electricity available per day.

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