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Sustainable, affordable and profitable commercial hydroponic growing systems

Phytoponics offers a smart controllable growing platform which enhances fresh produce quality and yields




Phytoponics is an agricultural technology startup that has developed an IP protected smart controllable growing platform than enables higher yields and produce quality grades for commercial greenhouse growers. Centered around an innovative new design, the growing system is constructed from a low cost and recyclable flexible polymer and incorporating inflatable support modules producing effectively a hydroponic grow bag that rolls up and ships cheaply, then rolls out and installs fast. It can be thought of as a 'hydroponic grow bag' that incorporates 'jacuzzi like aeration features' to give plant roots an oxygen and nutrient rich environment for optimal root performance.

Phytoponics has developed a growing system that tackles the growing system problems identified in the previous section through proprietary IP and innovation: reducing installed system cost, reducing infrastructure needs and risks, and accommodating a wide variety of crops. It achieves this by these technical innovations:

-Constructing an integrated growing platform from low cost polymer film

-Design for compact storage & shipping through roll out inflate design for low cost installation

-Using versatile, resilient and high performance deep water culture hydroponics on a large scale

Phytoponics is a soilless growing system based around the use of inflatable deep water culture grow bags that fit inside greenhouses in long 20m rows. Served by a central nutrient and irrigation system, Phytoponics can scale to fit both large and small commercial greenhouses.

This improves on the state of the art by:Reducing overall material requirements and manufacturing costs to produce growing platforms by 40%

-Reducing shipping and installation cost of a growing system by more than 60%

-Providing power outage resiliency through deep water culture, reducing need for expensive back up systems and expanding serviceable locations

-Reducing agricultural pollution and waste through closed loop system and no use of substrate.

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Responsible consumption and production

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