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Borja Saez and Elena de Roda






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Perfecta Energía

Perfecta Energía focus in facilitating the access to residential solar PV through an innovative financing solution.

Our value proposition aims to break a critical barrier to mass adoption of residential solar: the upfront investment. With our model, homeowners can obtain net savings from day one without having to invest in the PV system. The rational for embracing solar PV is now enhanced with powerful economic argument for families. Being socially responsible, sustainable and capable to generate your own energy is made fully affordable and financially attractive. We are blending years of experience in consumer credit, structured finance and capital markets together with commercial and operational solar PV capabilities. The blend has resulted in a unique solution for end costumer. We finance 100% of the home solar PV system through a loan that is repaid with the savings obtained by the customer. It is a truly cash-positive loan enabling “prosumers” to monetize their investment with net savings from day one. We aim to fund the development of our Solar consumer loan portfolio through a number of solutions that will also allow investment community to participate in the mass adoption of residential solar. We will create ESG securities in several formats: from warehousing facilities, peer to peer lending, crowd funding to fully fledge capital markets issuance programs as volume in achieved. Strong credit model with responsible lending criteria has been built to support the creation of this new asset class: long term Solar consumer loans.


Solar 9

Offer Solar 9

Solar 9 is our core turn key PV system for average single homes. Access to you own solar production from 33€/month

Solar 9 is a 2.5kWp turn key PV system especially designd for spanish average single family homes. Targeting to save up to 60% of the year electricity consumption. Fully financed for upto 100% and 20 years tenor allows access to become prosumers to any spanish homeowner.

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