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OrtiAlti transforms flat roofs into green roofs cultivated, new urban places, that improves quality of life in the city

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Founder 2015
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Founders Elena Carmagnani ed Emanuela Saporito
Headquarters 10126 Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
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The OrtiAlti association is an open work of social promotion, cultural promotion, dissemination, research and experimentation of urban practices, re-use of urban and unmanaged space (such as floor plans), through the direct participation of citizens and inhabitants of buildings, in the care and regeneration of the urban environment.
The actions are aimed in particular at promoting urban agriculture and its effects on the city, on relations between inhabitants, on environmental regeneration, on social inclusion, on critical consumption and on sustainable food production and KM0. The association is work, they are social enterprises, virtuous collaborative between public and private subjects, businesses, cultural centers and universities, around the theme of urban agriculture, the hanging garden as a device for urban regeneration and the shared care of goods urban municipalities.
Headquarters 10126 Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
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The high ground is located on one of the main buildings of Casa Ozanam, a former industrial building in the heart of Borgo Vittoria, which today hosts many activities for the inhabitants of the neighborhood conducted by associations and social cooperatives. Established as a SIMBI sheet press in 1938 and later becoming Casa Ozanam, owned by the City of Turin and used as a guest-student quarters, the complex consists of several buildings and adjoining courtyards that are arranged within a triangular lot, between Via Stradella, Va Foligno and Largo Giachino. Created by the Bulgarian architect Nicolaj Diulgheroff, the ship-machine building is an interesting example of the architecture of the second Italian Futurism, the only one of its kind in Turin: a common asset to be preserved, cared for, regenerated. At the center of the main courtyard, the Meeting Service social cooperative runs a cooking school and the restaurant "Le Fonderie Ozanam". Here every day Loris and his boys prepare genuine and original dishes, with locally produced ingredients, km0 and fair trade. The Le Fonderie Ozanam vegetable garden is right above the restaurant: 300 square meters of roof recovered, thanks to the technology of green roofs, to the construction of a staircase, a parapet and walkways, which run around 150 square meters of vegetable garden. On the opposite roof, an apiary with beehives was also installed. The honey produced, as well as the vegetables from the garden, are used to prepare the restaurant's dishes. Since its inauguration in May 2016, the horticulture has opened on various public occasions to citizenship, presenting itself as an innovative, accessible space to produce, learn and socialize .. In 2016, innovative collaborations were initiated between the horticultural partners and other local social actors engaged in social inclusion, re-use and recycling, environmental education, sustainable production and hospitality initiatives, which gave way to new and important projects for the whole Casa Ozanam. Ortoalto Le Fonderie Ozanam is much more than a vegetable garden! It is a hanging garden cultivated with a vegetable garden: to reduce the energy consumption of the restaurant, improve the environmental quality of the surroundings, produce fresh vegetables at "0 cm" to be used in the restaurant and put back into circulation in the neighborhood. It is a job opportunity: for the students of the cooperative Meeting Service to learn urban horticulture; for the Agridea cooperative members to start a new business; for the associations of the courtyard to collaborate. It is a quality green space returned to the neighborhood: open to schools and citizenship to host public events and organize initiatives on critical food consumption and environmental sustainability.

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Located in a green area of 450 square meters, between the Galleria Commerciale and Il Bounce, the garden is composed of 18 boxes for growing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, of which 2 are raised, accessible to the disabled. At the entrance a square paved in wood with two large seats favors moments of meeting and relaxation, while a wooden path leads to a central area with a large pergola with tables and benches for lunch and activities. The garden is completed by 3 transparent display cases that allow to observe the stratification of the soil and the growth of the roots, a tool shed, lavender and rosemary plants and fruit trees.

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OrtiAlti, in collaboration with Leroy Merlin, followed the 20 families assigned to the plots, both in the design phase of the gardens and in their care. A part of the production is donated to families in financial difficulty through the project Fa Bene from the Promoting Committee.

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OR-TO is a vegetable garden made by OrtiAlti in collaboration with Eataly Torino and set up in the square in front of the Lingotto shop. 60 boxes in wooden slats of different heights, connected by red portals and a small pergola, define a new design of the space of the square. The vegetable garden, cultivated with vegetables and flowers in partnership, is curated for 4 months by the associations and schools of the Nizza Millefonti district that will receive them as a gift at the end of the project.

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OrtiAlti is partner of the European project, proGIreg, Productive Green Infrastructure for Post Industrial Urban Regeneration, funded by the European Community for the Horizon 2020 program. Started in June 2018, the project will continue until 2023. proGIreg provides for the development and testing of Natural Based Solution (NBS): these are innovative solutions, which use the natural element as a catalyst for urban regeneration of areas that have suffered the consequences of de-industrialization, and that are capable of producing multiple benefits on the economic, ecological and social level, for the construction of green productive infrastructures. The NBS will be tested / put to the test in 4 Front-Runner Cities (FRC), while other 4 Follower Cities (FC) will support the development of strategies to incorporate these innovative solutions at the local level, through participatory processes. Turin, together with Dortmund (Germany), Zagreb (Croatia) and Ningbo (China), is part of the Front-Runner Cities and has identified its Living Lab, the post-industrial area where the innovative NBS will be developed and tested with the local community, in the Mirafiori Sud district. The local Living Lab community is central to this project and will be involved at every stage, from design to implementation. The Follower Cities, Cascais (Portugal), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Piraeus (Greece) and Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) will closely follow the process of co-creation in Front-Runner Cities, sharing and exchanging ideas and plans, and will replicate the developed NBS.

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