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Open Transport

Open Transport is an open mobility digital platform that provides Mobility-as-a-Service solutions.

Open Transport is an open mobility platform: we are creating a network of all forms of existing transport and logistics services and providing the tools for any business to easily add on-demand multimodal transport to their app. Our goal is to provide users with the freedom to access all modes of transportation and to allow transport operators of any size to easily join the on-demand economy. Open Transport connects all mobility supply available through an API that tracks a vehicle’s position and availability to deliver work to all connected vehicles. Open Transport also creates a level playing field for operators to compete on as we provide the tools needed to monetize services. Our view is that if all mobility options are open, a new attitude to car ownership geared towards collaborative consumption is fostered, resulting in an increase in transport’s aggregate efficiency while reducing every journey's carbon footprint. Suppliers of any size, with vehicles of any kind, can offer their services through our digital platform. From businesses looking to integrate smart mobility to their mobile apps to transport operators wanting to offer first and last mile solutions for their customers, Open Transport provides the optimal mobility solution to get from point A to point B.