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San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

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John J. Sarter




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Off The Grid Design / Sol Lux Alpha

Off the Grid Design is a Sustainable Design/Build firm specializing in Net+Energy Nanogrid and Microgrid development.

Off The Grid Design is the recipient of the 2018 US DOE Housing Innovation Award for development of Sol-Lux Alpha. Owners represent this revolution of design and technology, embracing the opportunity to minimise San Francisco's carbon footprint and generating excess energy that is designed to be used for EV transportation, community infrastructure, or revenue generation. This first prototype "Carbon Neutral Living + Transportation System" is designed as a 5 Nanogrid structure, and automatically and seamlessly islands from the grid in the event of any grid disruption. This creates a remarkably resilient system that is protected from the vulnerabilities of the grid, and yet a Net Positive Energy "prosumer" within grid and/or Microgrid systems.


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