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Alexander Novitskiy



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Nova Extraction

Decentralised and mobile supercritical CO2 extraction equipment for high value ingredients, like flavours and fragrances

Nova Extraction is an engineering start-up. They designed, built and validated an off-grid and mobile equipment to extract high value ingredients from natural feedstocks. Using their proprietary design and know-how they created an affordable clean tech extraction technology based on compressed CO2 method. They plan to offer it both for purchase and for hire. The equipment is designed to be modular and scalable; it will be deployed right in the field and do the processing in-situ. So far, they built 2 industrial pilots which are now operational with third that will be commissioned by end of 2018. Some of the areas of application are: extracting flavours and fragrances (for example flowers into essential oils); up-cycling food processing waste (for example getting coffee oil from spent coffee grounds); extracting specific active chemicals (for example CBD from hemp).

Company Nova Extraction

Looking for mobile CO2 extraction first adopters in Europe

Offer Looking for mobile CO2 extraction first adopters in Europe

Inviting plant growers, botanical ingredient extraction companies and perfume and skin care producers to test our rig

We are looking for partnerships in Europe to perform field trials of our innovative equipment to extract high value ingredients from natural feed stocks. We plan to roll out our first mobile, decentralised clean-tech extraction machine in 2019 in Europe. It will have processing capacity of approximately 25kg of raw material an hour and will be able to reach any on-road or off-road location in Europe. We are looking for first adopters among the natural ingredients supply chain. Plant growers, current manufacturers of ingredients and final product (perfume, skin care, food & drink) manufacturers.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Responsible consumption and production

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Materials and chemistry, Industrial processes, Agriculture and farming for food production, Circular economy of solid wastes

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