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NOA Sp. z o.o.

We make ocean monitoring & exploration automated, energy efficient, affordable, clean and effective.

NOA makes a game changing marine propulsion systems inspired by bionic innovation, enabling energy efficient, quiet and incomparably environmentally friendly power transmission for underwater unmanned vehicles and other crafts. NOA is the owner of patents and know-how for solutions in wave drive design & geometry allowing high efficiency, big thrust and robust design which gives the NOA DRIVE advantage on the existing market. NOA is working on significant reduction of the sea and ocean exploration costs in near future. NOA is a product focused entity that addresses the pain of inability of delivering efficient marine drive with high static thrust enabling high maneuverability while carrying substantial cargo under low acoustic emission requirement. We have successfully developed our technology demonstrator. We aim for subsea construction & engineering, aquaculture, oil&gas and sea mining. Company owns international patents for the technology. NOA received a number of awards including Brussels Eureka! or recent „Eagle of Innovation - Startup" contest organized in 2017 by Rzeczpospolita in two of five categories! ("Technological breakthrough“ and "Idea of the year"). NOA is an initiator and organizer of international consortium that received BONUS Grant funding for developing industrial grade, cost efficient universal, mobile sensor carrier platform made for long endurance, automated, wireless data collection and autonomous monitoring utilizing NOA technologies. Since its foundation in 2016 – NOA made a great progress. We have a great Team now and also very strong partnerships coming from the industry (for example a sponsorship from ANSYS Startup global program). NOA has signed and secured international grants for technology implementation in the Baltic Sea. As a Founding Member of The World Alliance For Efficient Solutions by prestigious Solar Impulse Foundation NOA seeks actively for prospective matching industry players aiming for licensing, JV’s and other opportunities.

Company NOA Sp. z o.o.