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NewGreenTec GmbH

NewGreenTec was founded to develop and market the Product EnergyTower®. The aim is to produce ecological electricity for households, clinics, schools and remote buildings on a very small footprint and at very low cost. 

This utilizes the combination of PV, wind turbine, storage, control and inverter, all in one device, easy to install anywhere and connect to the home grid, with lowest installation costs.
About one sixth of all people have no access to an electricity grid. Electricity is a prerequisite for education, information and health care. A lot of electricity is produced with fossil fuels and pollutes the environment. Many people would like to contribute to climate protection and be independent of electricity suppliers, but do not have a large sunny house roof. With EnergyTower™ we are filling this niche by offering the first device that can be easily installed like an IKEA furniture and simply connected to the house network. Sun and wind as renewable energy sources complement each other perfectly. This means that electricity is also produced at night when it is needed for lighting, and thou less storage capacity is needed. The vertical PV modules generate more electricity when the sun is low, are less prone to snow and dirt and require less space. Costs can be saved by combining the technical devices. The interior of EnergyTower™ can also be used for water treatment and communication equipment, etc.