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1630 Bulle, Switzerland

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Shirley Berrios



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Neotex Concept

is based in CH-Bulle, creates and provides sustainable handmade food wraps 100 % plastic free

Neotex Concept created eco-tsapi®, a reusable food wrap swiss brand, made of beeswax and responsible materials, free from chemicals. The goal? Replace plastic films and other aluminum foils that colonize households with a nature-inspired alternative. In this case, a fabric is impregnated with beeswax and organic jojoba oil. Ideal to cover a plate, keep fruits, vegetables or bread, pack children's snacks or protect food during freezing. A simple solution, effective, washable, sustainable and, it must be admitted, much more elegant than a vulgar cellophane. In addition to their colors and patterns, the fabrics are carefully chosen for their virtues: cotton from organic farming, dyes obviously free of toxic products and a processing industry respecting dignified working conditions. Tired eco-tsapi® can be used as a fire starter = no waste!



eco-tsapi® | organic reusable food wrap inspired by nature

It is a smart and sustainable alternative to replace conventional plastic or aluminum packagings, rarely used more than once. Why use eco-tsapi®? • the natural virtues of beeswax allow your food to stay fresh longer, • the responsible materials used are free from chemicals for a healthy contact with your food, • the great versatility of this packaging allows multiple re-use, so less waste, while beautifying your dishes. Available in rectangular shape: Small (20x20 cm) Medium (25x30 cm) Large (30x35 cm) XLarge (30x45 cm) Available in round shape: Small (ø 20 cm) Medium (ø 26 cm) Large (ø 33 cm) XLarge (ø 38 cm)

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Circular economy of solid wastes

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