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71522 Backnang, Germany

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Dmitry Lopatin, Oleg Baranov




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Solar NanoPrinting

We have developed a technology to turn windows into solar panels

Sunlight more than half consists of infrared light, which we do not see, but we can feel it when it heats up. Our window separates the infrared light from the visible and directs it to a solar battery, thin as a jalousie, which converts it into electricity. Visible light passes on and illuminates the room, but does not heat up. In this way we generate electricity, but do not miss the heat.

We have developed a production technology for perovskite solar cells, where the thickness of the layers is important. Due to the ionization of the droplets, the layers are uniform, which increases the efficiency, and determining the thickness of the layer during printing reduces the rejection rate and reduces the cost Unlike vapor-gas deposition methods, the size is not limited by the camera and the percentage of substances used approaches 95 percent, does not require high temperature. Also with the help of this printer we have developed a transparent solar battery where special printed multi-layer mirrors redirect infrared light from the sun to solar panels, and visible light passes inside