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Develops and sells networks of small semi-autonomous vehicles based on deep learning software.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2017
Company Size 3
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Founders Stephan Smit, Jan-Willem van Bentum
Headquarters 3572 ZL Utrecht, Netherlands
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MWLC contributes a solution to the reduction of CO2 emissions from goods transport, focussing on the “last mile”.The company is currently running a demonstration project in the Netherlands.

Headquarters 3572 ZL Utrecht, Netherlands

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Offers from MWLC

Other products

The solution we offer consists of a networks of autonomous electric vehicles based on our proprietary and highly innovative software that drives the vehicles based on visual information (camera) as input only. The software does not rely on the collection of signals from a range of sensors and does not use object recognition. From the outset our software has been developed with scalability in mind. The vehicles move at a speed of 5-8 km/hr (fast walking pace) and use fixed routes for routine delivery services in rural areas. Our approach results in lower capital and lower operational costs for a transport network. We provide an economical and safe solution for the delivery of light goods resulting in a significant CO2 emission reduction. We offer a solution for (SAE level 3*) autonomous transport. Any intervention will be through a remote traffic controller who is looking after a network of vehicles. We replace traditional light goods vehicles with autonomous electrical vehicles. This will result in a reduction of CO2-emission of more then 95% at a fraction of the capital investment required for electrical vans. It offers new clean and high value jobs. MWLC have demonstrated the technology and is developing the next level prototype of the vehicle for a pilot project. From the start MWLC has been working with all stakeholders (customers for the service, endusers, regulatory) to ensure early adoption. *: SAE level 3autonomous vehicle solution means that no driver is required in a vehicle for the driving tasks.

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