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Manuel Seiffe, Gregor Nau, Michael Eschmann





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MPower Ventures

MPower finances and distributes affordable solar systems to a market of 1.3 bn potential customers in emerging markets.

Via a highly scalable B2B partnership model, MPower provides connectivity and affordable, reliable solar products to off-grid and under-electrified households and SMEs in emerging markets, starting with Sub-Saharan Africa.
We do so by partnering with local entrepreneurs and providing them with sourcing support, state-of-the-art software and micro-financing solution.

We enable our customers to power their homes and businesses independently from the electricity grid or fossil fuel-based electricity production systems in Sub-Sahara Africa. Our product portfolio is aimed at households and small and medium enterprises in the retail and agricultural sectors. Households and businesses can use MPower's solar systems to power their radios and TVs, charge their mobile phones and light their homes.

We offer our valued customers mobile payment solutions as well as “lease-to-own” financing of up to 24 months. MPower’s business is based on local partnerships: We are scaling-up by partnering with local entrepreneurs and businesses offering them a powerful combination of software, hardware and finance.
MPower identifies, qualifies and finances local business partners enabling them to grow their business while solving critical energy issues in their communities. With an MPower partnership everyone gains: Local partners can grow their business, end customers get access to clean affordable energy and MPower can bring its solution to more clients.

Company MPower Ventures