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Energy Intelligence for Industries & Mobility, unlocking new energy savings through data, AI and human expertise.

METRON has built a unique positioning at the convergence of the digital revolution and the energy transition. METRON reshapes the way energy data is used in industries. Metron turns energy efficiency from a static, reactive process into a dynamic, proactive strategy. >The digitalization of industries and the development of fully distributed energy systems foster the emergence of the Internet of Energy. METRON opens the way for this new paradigm by helping industrial clients leverage untapped industrial data and connect to decentralized energy resources. METRON combines Big data, AI and human expertise. METRON Energy Virtual Assistant EVA® analyses data generated by industrial systems in real-time and offers a deep understanding of complex energy patterns. >Factories become energy transparent: advanced optimisations are operated directly by the platform according to the context and tangible energy savings ensure less than 12 months paybacks in all industries. METRON-EVA® is the foundation stone to make industries more responsible and sustainable in terms of energy consumption using artificial intelligence based on Energy Data and ontologies. >METRON imagines a future where Human creativity and collaborative robots will conceive energy efficiency strategies. Its Digital Platform will ultimately promote fully managed renewable energies, new energy usages, peer to peer energy exchanges and more. METRON has developed 7 Operational centers in the world: Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

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