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Meal Canteen

Our app allows collective catering to know in advance the affluence and dishes chosen by the guest, via a booking system

with the advent of digital, I wanted to take action on the reduction of food waste and it is from the observation that I was interested in the collective catering that is one of the largest providers of food waste. All that was proposed in the world was downstream "how to retreat the waste but it is too late. The best waste is the one that is not produced.That is how Meal Canteen is positioned upstream before the waste is created. Our application allows collective restaurants to know in advance the affluence and dishes chosen by the guests, via a booking system on the smartphone or PC. Thus, the kitchens will come out of the fridges that will be really consumed in the selfs service. And to taking away the guests on this new use, we will offer them a multitude of information that can not be obtained on a physical self, as a nutriscore, a caloric value, the origin of products, allergens, beliefs and the opportunity to rate his meal from one to five stars with a possible comment to challenge and renovate the relationship with the kitchen. Meal canteen also removes the irritants of the collective catering by reducing the queue by predefined choices the day before and ensure from the first to the last guests to have the same offers while previously latecomers had no choice and lunch by default, which increased the risk of wastage on the plate. Our business model is virtuous and circular because we pay our service on the economy achieved by the kitchens. The ademe has defined the loss by meal tray was 68 cts (11.56 rand)which incidentally represents 2.7 billion useless expenditure on the 4 billion meals served each year in France, we propose to share this economy win-win mode taking 33 cents (5.60 rand) and leaving 35 (5.95 rand)in the kitchen. What allows this profession to release a budget to finance for example the local food and organic circuit without additional cost for the guests. Thus Meal Canteen intends to massively reduce the waste of food at its source in the service of the planet and create a lasting impact for the benefit of humanity.

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