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Denis Olivier




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Meal Canteen

A digital service to let guests order their dishes the day before for the following one

MEAL CANTEEN positions itself on the fight towards food waste in collective catering. The priority should be: not to produce this waste. This problem will not be solved until one is not to be able to know who will come and what they will eat. MEAL CANTEEN has developed this solution! Therefore you can finally know who is coming, and what he wants to eat ! All the solutions currently offered are downstream: « how to reprocess the waste ? » For the first time in the world, Meal Canteen offers to deal with the problem upstream: « do not create the waste ». It is a circular economy where we pay ourselves on the economy realized by the collective catering.Use by the worldwide collective catering, it will be a massive impact on reducing food waste leading to a massive reduction in the use of water and a massive impact on the CO2.