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MPS is a Danish-Dutch marine engineering and technology company, based in the Port of Rotterdam, offering shipowners integrated solutions that reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and control fouling with a 2-3 years' payback period.

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Founder 2018
Company Size 5
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Founders Pieter Kapteijn, Fulko Roos & Frode Lundsteen Hansen
Headquarters 3029 AL Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Marine Performance Systems B.V. is a Danish-Dutch marine engineering & technology company, based in the Port of Rotterdam. We have developed a novel approach to air lubrication by using oscillators. These oscillators are so-called ‘fluidic’ devices that use fluids to perform analog or digital operations similar to those performed by electronics. NASA used fluidic systems in the early days of space travel, because they were extremely reliable, having no moving parts. We took the technology further and developed oscillators that produce (micro) air bubbles that can be injected into the boundary layer of ships to reduce friction or ‘drag’. With this innovative approach to Air Lubrication, viscous drag can be reduced by up to 60%, resulting in up to 20% lower fuel consumption and emissions. By controlling the oscillation frequency, we can change the size of the bubbles to match the ship. The current designs have a preset frequency of ~ 300 Hz, producing some 30,000 (micro) bubbles per second per oscillator or about 80 million bubbles per second for a larger tanker. The MPS Air Lubrication technology using oscillators is protected with 12 global patents while 4 new patents are pending.
Headquarters 3029 AL Rotterdam, Netherlands

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