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We use our patent pending technology to produce highly nutritious, and super sustainable, insect protein.

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Founder 2018
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Founders Luke Wright, Eli Fouch, Kyle Fox
Headquarters Palmer, AK 99645, USA
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Manna Foods


Insect protein is a sustainable solution for several reasons. Unlike most animals; cows, pigs or chickens, insects are 100% edible. We don't have to throw away bonesor intestines and our final product, a dry tasty powder (70% protein), has the same quality of protein per serving as salmon. Beyond that, we need just a fraction of the energy, land and water resources of other protein sources. However, the major problem facing the insects as food industry is cost. Typically insect protein sells for $60 or more per kilogram, and this is due to the high cost of production. Our solution is to utilise a species of insect, T. molitor, that has inherent advantages over crickets or flies. We further exploit these advantages with patent pending technology and process to allow us to produce quality insect protein for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Headquarters Palmer, AK 99645, USA

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We use the larva of T. molitor to produce a fine, dry and tasty flour that has a protein content of over 70%. The two by-products in our farm are the oil (fat) and the frass (poop). The oil we process and sell as an alternative or substitute for cooking oil, and the frass we are piloting as an ingredient for fish feed! Our process has zero waste, as we utilize 100% of the animal (unlike traditional protein sources like beef or chicken). Our key innovation is patent pending technology that drastically reduces the cost of labor for our farm. Our usage of our species is a break from the predominant species of choice, crickets. Instead, our beetles offer superior nutrition and our technology gives us a far superior cost of production. These factors compound with high digestibility to make our protein source one of the most sustainable sources on Earth.

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