LYSPACKAGING design and produce VEGANBOTTLE innovation : bottles and jars ; made from sugar cane and compostable (no fossil resource ; no toxicity for environment or health) : from earth to earth

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2015
Company Size 16
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Founders Nicolas MOUFFLET
Headquarters 17610 Chérac, France
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VEGANBOTTLE is an innovative range of containers, made from a renewable resource, the sugar cane (from Asia). VEGANBOTTLE preserve the fossil ressources (no toxicity ; no endocrine disruptors) ; it contributes to decrease the worldwilde plastic pollution. The compostability of this product offers the possiblity to follow the virtuous circle of nature. The carbon footprint generated by the process is compensated by a trees planting programme. LYSPACKAGING’s solution offers coherence between content and container for firms committed to make a change about packaging and plastic pollution. VEGANBOTTLE is a sustainable solution for a circular economy project, respecting people and environment. LYSPACKAGING is a French firm located in Saintes (France). The VEGANBOTTLE’s containers are lightweight and resistant, with specific or standard shapes. We also supply VEGANBOTTLEWATER (a filled spring water 50 cl bottle) or the reusable bottle VEGANBOTTLEGO (with the sugar cane design). LYSPACKAGING plan to create new products in order to give alternatives to the plastic issues.
Headquarters 17610 Chérac, France

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean Water and
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Affordable and
Clean Energy
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Industry, Innovation
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Sustainable Cities
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Other products

VEGANBOTTLEGO is the french innovative reusable bottle made from a renewable resource, the sugar cane residus. This reusable bottle is biobased and compostable. No toxicity, no endocrine disruptors. VEGANBOTTLEGO respects people and environment.

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Available inFrance, Status Implemented

VEGANBOTTLEWATER is a bottle made from sugar cane residus ; compostable at the end of life of the product (no toxicity, no endocrine disruptors). The water from Val d'Aisne in Belgium is springing up in a 10ha protected area (low mineral content).

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Available inWestern Europe, Status Implemented

This 50 ml eco-friendly jar made from sugar cane is also compostable. No toxicity, no endocrine disruptors. VEGANBOTTLE respects people and environment.

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Categories of applicationIndustry, innovation and infrastructure, Responsible consumption and productionSector of applicationMaterials and chemistry, Industrial processes, Primary resources management Status R&D