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9210 Aalborg SØ, Denmark

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Rasmus Mortensen, Kai Færch, Henrik Lyhne Jensen, Klaus Iversen





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Lyras A/S

We have created a revolutionary new way to pasteurize and remove heat-resistant bacteria in liquid food products.

Bringing Pasteurization into the 21st Century - At Lyras, we have developed an innovative and novel technology that can be applied to sterilize liquid food products within the food processing industry – without any heating. This technology has been coined cold pasteurization and can be used to process non-see-through liquids. Rather than using heat, cold pasteurization relies on the natural disinfecting capabilities of UV light, a capability that has been used to treat drinking water since 1910. Our patented cold pasteurization technology has the potential to be used in many parts of the food processing industry. Cold pasteurization has several advantages, some of which include: 1. Reduced energy consumption by more than 95% compared to conventional pasteurization. 2. Only requiring electricity, and can, therefore, be powered by renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels. 3. Increased production up-time, as less cleaning is required, thereby providing greater efficiency. 4. Easy implementation anywhere, as only an electrical connection is needed, as opposed to complex supporting infrastructure. This means that cold pasteurization can become available in developing countries, thereby increasing public health and product shelf life. 5. A much gentler treatment, as the energy added by UV-light in comparison to heating, is a factor of 1:272. This gentle treatment means that the natural qualities of the product are preserved, and remain almost unchanged. 6. No use of water during production as no stream, ice water, and regenerative water is required for a cold pasteurization system to operate. 7. A high bacterial kill rate which is equivalent to conventional pasteurization. These unique selling points are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and can directly contribute towards achieving SDG nr. 2, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 12, and indirectly even more goals would be influenced. At Lyras, we value the environment and work towards a sustainable future. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of innovative, green tech solutions, by driving the change for sustainable food processing.

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