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Patented and miniaturized system which reduces pollution and consumption on any existing thermal engine on any vehicle.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2013
Company Size 10
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Founders Co founder Emmanuel Parmigiani and Jacques Paucker
Headquarters 33127 Saint-Jean-d'Illac, France
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The on-board LOGIKKO HIS (Hydrogen Injection System®) injects hydrogen in small quantities into any combustion engine generated in real time via water electrolysis. The result is a reduction in the consumption and pollution for both petrol and diesel engines. It can easily fits to any vehicle on the road. No need to change fuel, no registration, no homologation, no need for expensive additives, the PATENTED LOGIKKO SYSTEM reduces fuel costs by up to 25% and toxic emissions by up to 70% on any combustion engine. As far as diesel engines are concerned, the LOGIKKO system is the only "on board" solution currently on the market. LOGIKKO was created in July 2013, based on the idea that automotive energy transition could benefit from the optimization of existing engines while electric vehicles population is gradually penetrating the world market. It took 6 years for this idea to become an economic reality in a complex “cash consuming” market and where tests are the rule. The patent underlying LOGIKKO's economic benefit was filed as early as 2013 but was not published until February 2017. This four-year period was used to see Logikko progress from demonstrator stages to pre-series prototype stage. During that time frame, expertise were organized and tests were ran on a few hundred vehicles. The Equip Auto 2017 show, where we were exhibitors, showed us that LOGIKKO had not yet found its market. It was still too early. The will of the market was to accept only suppliers whose products were really industrialized and produced by recognized companies. It took more than two years, from 2017 onwards to go from the prototype stage to industrialized product and to exhibit present our first examples leaving the factory, which is based in South East of France, near Lyon. We had also visited Solutrans 2017 for Trucks and found that the energy transition was not even mentioned, not even the fuel savings. Two years later, at the Equip Auto 2019 show, where LOGIKKO was exhibiting again,we got convinced that the market was finally there. The notion of energy transition was understood and both economic and political players admitted that the market would not switch to all-electricity in a few months, or even a few years. All the players we interviewed did recognize the need implement solutions as early as possible into the existing rolling stock of cars (if they want to reduce pollution quickly). We also noticed this change of mentality within Solutrans 2019 and its exhibitors, all of them had become "greener than green”. We had anticipated this change. During the 2017-2019 period LOGIKKO signed a partnership and support agreement for industrialization and production with a large car equipment supplier; lOGIKKO systems were audited by the CNRS. The result of the audit is a mutual agreement between Logikko and CNRS for the development of further new products with joint patents. Today LOGIKKO tics all the boxes in its value chain: Patent, Industrialization and Distribution Our team covers all the needs to further develop our range of products. And we event have sales people to sell it.:) In other words LOGIKKO with its HIS® technology have found its market. We have built a strong team that has been working together for several years. There is only one thing missing: greater capitalization that will allow us to gradually accelerate our penetration of a market in full evolution in which we want to be a key player. Join us in bringing hydrogen to existing car market and be part of a greener circular economy VALUE PROPOSITION Allow cars and small utilities today, large trucks and buses tomorrow as well a as cargo and passenger ships tomorrow to lower pollution risks, reduce temperature warming, acid rains and health hazards. According to a recent published study, air pollution shortens life expectancy worldwide by an average of 3 years. In 2015, it caused 8.8 million premature deaths! (References : Loss of life expectancy from air pollution compared to other risk factors: a worldwide perspective, by Jos Lelieveld, Andrea Pozzer, Ulrich Pöschl, Mohammed Fnais, Andy Haines, Thomas Münzel Cardiova scular Research, Published: 03 March 2020) PRICE Logikko’s public price is 498€ ex VAT. Installation costs amount to less than 3 hours of a trained mechanics. All studies we have ran demonstrate than cars benefit from Logikko systems in three ways 1° lowers direct car expenditures such as fuel with an ROI from 6 to 18 months according to car usage 2° reduce drastically repair engine costs (which usually run from 1000 to 3000 €) in areas such as turbo’s, FAP’s and exhausts 3°Helps cars and utilities go through the new and tough periodical technical controls (Contrôles Techniques) Add that indirectly we all benefit from car pollution reduction FOUNDING TEAM Michèle THEPENIER ATANET, Financial Director: Financial Control, Management Control, Audit and Professorship. 25 years of experience in the aeronautics and automotive industries, Head of Management Control of the Thales Industrial Group and Manager of Financial Control of the Le Bélier Group (including 10 international subsidiaries including Mexico, China and Eastern Europe). Jean ARJEAU, General Secretary: Senior KPMG Paris. Transition Finance Department within the Thales Group. Was also the founder of a 250 ha Bordeaux vineyard. Alan NICHOLSON, Communications and Media Relations : Founder of Marston-Nicholson IBC Group, an international public relations agency for major international clients. Emmanuel PARMIGIANI, Co-founder and Vice-President in charge of R&D : Research engineer specialized in the management of innovative automotive or aeronautical projects. Jacques PAUCKER, Co-Founder and President In charge of marketing and sales strategy. Entrepreneur, Consultant, Marketing man, career in communication and IT (software and hardware). Specialized in startups development. One of which in IT reached a turnover of up to 150 M€. Management of internal and external production coupled with B2B2C distribution in an international environment.
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Headquarters 33127 Saint-Jean-d'Illac, France

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