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Lambda Stretch is an advanced materials developer, pioneering a thin film for PV power output enhancement.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2018
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Founders Mark Brenchley
Headquarters Cambridge CB4 0HB, UK
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Lambda Stretch’s product is a coating that upon its application on the PV glass will increase the power output by 10%. Through careful design process our coating is non toxic and is easily incorporated to PVs by the industry’s current equipment and processes. In an industry sector as conservative as the solar, increasing the efficiency while using the existing capital equipment is very attractive.

Sun’s radiation spans from Ultraviolet (UV) to Infrared (IR), including Visible light and at each part of the spectrum it has different intensities. In fact, sun’s solar irradiance is larger at short wavelengths (e.g. UV) rather than in the red/Near Infrared (NIR).

Crystalline Silicon PVs are capable of converting light to electricity, but due to the active material’s bandgap, they are far better at converting red/NIR radiation than parts of the spectrum with higher frequencies (UV, parts of the Visible spectrum). It is easily understood that there is a mismatch between what is offered by the sun and what is needed by the PV in order for it to perform at its maximum efficiency. Additionally, these high energy photons contribute to an increase in the working temperature that further reduces the panel’s efficiency and lifetime.

Lambda Stretch was founded with the aim to tackle a real-world problem and bridge this mismatch. Our core product is a thin film that is applied on the glass of the PV panel and has the ability to convert high energy photons of the blue and green part of the spectrum to red photons that are more efficiently translated to electricity by the PV. This effectively increases the power conversion efficiency of the PV and in the simultaneously, it decreases the temperature of the PV, expanding the lifetime of the active materials.

The Lambda team has been very focused from early on, in developing a solution that will be both at the forefront of technological development, but also conscious of the industry culture and standards. Since we are addressing a very conservative market, we made sure, through discussions with future clients, that our product will have the potential to be implemented with the current equipment and processes, utilised in the PV sector.

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Headquarters Cambridge CB4 0HB, UK

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