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12100 Castellón de la Plana, Castellón, Spain

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Gerard Bel, Agustin Roig





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Pylon Network is a decentralized, opensource cooperation tool for the energy sector- governed by trust and transparency.

Klenergy is a startup based in Spain that for the last 4 years have been developing greentech solutions. The urgency of applied solutions for creating a 100% renewable energy system and mitigate climate change, is what brought us together in the first place and what keeps motivating us in our everyday challenges and work. With our project, Pylon Network (https://pylon-network.org/) we present a fully customize-able and scale-able, open-source, cooperation tool designed specifically for the needs of the energy sector. It is aimed at unlocking the benefits of distributed renewable generation markets. Pylon Network is the opportunity for all energy players to switch to an energy transaction model, where it is possible to trace and certify green energy from the point of origin to the point of its consumption, knowing when, where and who is producing and consuming energy on every moment and for every kWh - with the total transparency, security and privacy of Blockchain technology. At Pylon Network we have developed our own blockchain code adapted to the needs of the energy market, and we have released it on an Open Source Software License, so that any digital energy meter manufacturer can integrate it into their devices - allowing consumers and prosumers to access their data in real time, calculate and manage their consumption and even choose who, when and how they pay for the consumed green energy. Pylon Network does not only revolutionize the way that energy is managed, but also offers - through the platform - new and simple models of cooperative financing based on "Tokenization" of renewable generation plants. So that living in a flat is not an barrier in owning a few square cm of a solar power plant and consuming your own green energy! Pylon Network is here to accelerate the energy transition to a more transperent, inclusive and smart energy model.

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