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10072 Caselle Torinese, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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Massimo Ippolito



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KiteGen srl

KiteGen a company that holds the intellectual property and the knowledge of two concepts aiming to exploit High Winds.

Energy is the greatest world issue. High Altitude Wind is the greatest renewable resource. KiteGen merely links them. The two concepts are the KiteGen Carousel ( a GW class generator) and The KiteGen Stem, the latter is a pumping Kite concept. KiteGen spent the last 10 years coordinating and licensing research activities in order to accumulate the notions and the full confidence to proceed with the industrialisation. KiteGen during the activity involved several hundred researchers, students, professionals, and companies. Thanks to the KiteGen early dissemination dozens of initiatives arisen in the specific domain. Two years ago KiteGen successfully closed the research activity having answered to all open issues and completed the design of the KG Stem full-scale product. The advantages, both technical and economic, of exploiting high winds are most undisclosed yet, It is needed a big effort of dissemination and promotion in order to pave the way to the ignition investments toward this foreseeable big industry. With the highest confidence, no theoretical, technological, economic and environmental barriers are in sight. The unprecedented disruptive nature of the energy sector that this technology offers is in condition to rapidly shift most of the paradigm about: energy subsidies, economic growth, clean water, pollution, transport, and welfare.

Company KiteGen srl

Troposphere wind to power and synfuel

Offer Troposphere wind to power and synfuel

Cheap wind energy conversion to drive the well-known chemical processes for the production of competitive synfuels

The technology to make liquid fuel from CO2 and H2 has existed for nigh on 100 years. The main barrier to wide-spread deployment is the uncompetitive cost of fuel that is produced. The main cost centre is the electricity consumed. This is a show stopper. The cost of synfuel can be attacked from two directions. The first is to make the process more efficient to reduce the amount of energy consumed. But this will inevitably at some point meet a thermodynamic barrier that cannot be crossed. The other approach is to tackle the cost of the electricity consumed. < $20 / MWh is the magic number that would make SynFuel competitive with fossil fuels. High altitude wind power is the only show in town that holds out this promise.

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