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ISCLEANAIR: breathe your life! APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology is the 1st filter-less, water-based, energy efficient solution to purify and control the quality of the ambient air in urban, industrial, commercial and domestic, private and public spaces. Modular and multiservice smart platform integrating wifi, IoT and AI, it redesigns the Clean Air City of Tomorrow toward a healthy, sustainable future together, indoors and outdoors.

ISCLEANAIR is a Clean-Tech innovative company that rethinks and redesigns the space we live, work and breathe in. It is a spinoff of ISTECH, since 2015 devoted to APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology, a disruptive modular solution, the first one in the world for air cleaning and environmental control and remediation, water and energy based, filter-less, operating at surface level where people breathe! APA is a modular, intelligent multi-service platform integrating IoT and AI, ideally deployed in a distributed "cluster", indoor and outdoor, for public and private use to rethink and redesign safe and resilient Clean Air Cities and Industries of Tomorrow. INNOVATIVE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: - clean tech: filter-less, 0 waste, 0 emissions; - extraordinary efficacy in air cleaning at ground level, operating distributed following strategies for indoor (up to 99,7%) and outdoor (up to 97%) applications; - high effectiveness against a wide range of pollutants: PM, PAH and light hydrocarbons, heavy metals, SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, O3 and bioparticles according with the customers' need; - lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market; - highest Energy Efficiency in the market within the green sustainability and circular economy philosophies; - intelligent platform: in cloud data pollution analysis and abatement, remote control, WIFI, video and audio surveillance, IoT, AI, advertisement, customer's management, entertainment, proximity marketing etc.. - scalable and flexible business model mainly based on Know-How and Technology Transfer through business partnership with private and public players, for industrial, commercial and urban use, to scale and grow fast at a global level; - flexible design since modular, multi-function and multi-shape: APA Vent/Slim/Large for exhaust emissions from industrial plants. APA standalone Panels and multimedia touchscreen Totems to clean the air in urban and commercial areas; - IPR's worldwide protection of the technology and its application strategy. ISCLEANAIR has created the first urban area under the paradigm "Smart Clean Air city" in the world, at L'Aquila (Italy) and APA has been recognised as a Key Enabling Technology (UE policies "Innovation and solutions for Cities of Tomorrow"), a BAT - Best Available Technology (EU IPPC Directive 2008/1 /CE), awarded with 4 Seal of Excellence (EC - Horizon 2020), the SME Instrument Phase 2 Grant Agreement and an impressive track record of awards and peers recognitions globally.