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Victor Verbovsky




Long range & high bay occupancy detector for lighting control of high warehouses, production buildings and areas, car parks, and urban streets


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Intelligent architecture LLC

Intelligent architecture LLC has been developing and manufacturing equipment for automatic lighting control since 2005.

We want to present our new microwave occupancy detector K2150, which hasn't analogues in the world in terms of installation height (up to 30 m) and the sensitivity zone size - up to 3000 square meters. K2150 can substitute 3-4 common used similar PIR-sensors manufactured by another companies. It hasn’t competitors placed on height more 14 m and in freezing warehouses. K2150 is a three-in-one sensor: One sensor and three outputs: 1. the relay 30A output is for controlling regular lamps; 2. the 1-10V dimming output; 3. the special output is for connecting the sensor to a security alarm system or to IP-cameras. By using this output, the sensor can also be connected to an automated warehouse control system WMS, BMS and Smart City system. The sensor may optionally be supplied with: DALI, KNX, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi … modules and a long-range radio channel 868 mHz (up to 15 km). K2150 sensor applications: 1. Warehouses with the height from 2 m to 30 m and higher (installation on the ceiling of racking lanes or on the wall of picking zones). 2. Indoor and outdoor car parks (installation on the wall); the wide sensitive area, approximately 40 x 70 m. 3. Server rooms and DPCs (70m - the length of the corridor area at the 2.8-5 m installation height). 4. Any production facilities, including those with thermal radiation sources in which infrared motion sensors will not work. 5. As a traffic intensity control sensor, including transport + pedestrians for the Smart City and Smart Street systems. 6. As a motion sensor for controlling street light at parks, squares, and car parks at shopping molls. 7. As a traffic intensity measuring sensor for street light control systems, including ones able to count the number of vehicles. The Sensor has a sensitivity zone of about 180 degrees wide and can count the quantity of transport passing through the crossroads in two directions separately – to the Sensor and from it. Then these data can be transferred to control systems of the following crossroads to optimize the traffic lights operation and reduce a jam probability. Four Sensors are enough for the one crossroads. Transport detection range is up to 100 m. Configuration of the sensitivity zone can be modified: it can be decreased, or increased up to 1,000 m. 8. As a intruder detection sensor for guarding a protected area's perimeter and volume, including ones with an additional function of controlling the area lights by movement. When installed in a warehouse, one Sensor replaces 3-4 PIR-sensors and saves 126,800 kWh over a 12-year life cycle (if a warehouse is open around the clock). In monetary terms, the savings will be 12,680 Eu or 1057 Eu per year at a price of 1kWh = 0.1Eu. One sensor in a life cycle will reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 50.7 tons. Energy savings - up to 80%. The payback period < 1 year (for warehouses)!

Labelled solution

Long range & high bay occupancy detector

Cost-effective occupancy detection technology for large areas such as warehouses and parking lots

Long-range sensors for lighting and security control for surface areas up to 3,000 square meters - an affordable alternative to larger spaces where it would otherwise be too expensive to do so.

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