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Brookfield, CT 06804, USA

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Fred Ball, Philip E. Philleson



  • Clean water and sanitation

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure



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Independent Energy Corporation

Generator tech based on a new aspect of physics; the ability to convert the effects of g-force into kinetic motion

After years of extensive research and experimental verification, Independent Energy LLC (IE, LLC) is ready to build a computer modeled prototype, demonstrating the significant energy savings that can be generated through its new centrifugal-based power generator design. The system is called the P6G Centrifugal Force Generator.

Company Independent Energy Corporation

Superior Energy Generation Technology

Offer Superior Energy Generation Technology

Ultra high efficient generator based on the conversion of the effects of centrifugal force into kinetic motion.

New zero emission, clean energy generator design will outperform all other energy generation and energy transfer technologies. This technology will have significant competitive advantages over all other energy technologies so that the market substitutes its use in all applications of grid energy generation and in all modes of transportation: land, air and sea. Solves or significant impacts UN SDG's: #1 No Poverty: Affordable clean energy powers economic activity that enables all to participate. #2 Zero Hunger: Zero fuel costs to desalinate, pump, or purify water powers local, self sustainable agriculture in many more areas. Zero fuel cost energy affords climate-controlled greenhouses at any latitude or location. #3 Good Health: Our tech will save 1.5 million lives per year by replacing cooking/heating fires with clean electricity. Water scarcity eliminated. #6 Clean Water and Sanitation: Our technology will afford a low, flat-rate cost to desalinate, purify and pump water, making clean water and sanitation available to everyone in the world. #7 Clean Energy: Our technology will change the energy paradigm from a consumption based cost model to a use-as-much-as-you-like, flat-rate cost model. #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth: Our technoloigy will power a new industrial revolution that everyone, everywhere will be able to participate in, all without any environmental impact. #9 Industry: Flat-rate, use as much as you like consumption model encourages economic acitivity. Zero fuel costs transportation encourages delivery via heavy lift drones reduces time between remote areas. #11 Sustainable Cities: Our technology will provide 100% of the power requirements in urban locations, by clean sources that are located within the city itself. #13 Climate Action: Our technology will eliminate nearly 83% of GHG emissions while economies grow. #14 Life Below: The rapid elimination of GHG’s from energy generation, industry and transportation will reverse the ocean warming trend in the shortest possible timeframe. No more off-shore exploration for fossil fuel. #15 Life on Land: The rapid elimination of GHG’s from energy generation, industry and transportation will be enough to reverse the effects of climate change on land.

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Clean water and sanitation, Affordable and clean energy, Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Water distribution and use, Energy distribution & management, Clean energy production, Freight transportation