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Hyperion China

Become the Innovator and Leader in the World of Advanced Precious Metal Materials

In the field of industrial catalysis, monoatomic material is regarded as the future of catalytic material. It could approach 100% utilization of atoms, and has a very high catalytic selectivity.
Hyperion is dedicated to world`s cutting-edge research and development of monoatomic catalytic materials, and have accomplished monoatomic level process preparation for over 12 metal materials. Potential application fields of our monoatomic catalytic material products include: basic industrial raw material synthesis, degradation of pollutants, drug catalytic synthesis, power battery electrode material, graphene material growth, energy storage materials, and other important industrial sectors. The products have controllable cost, outstanding performance, and thus a high market competitiveness.

Company Hyperion China

Hyperion single-atom TVOC Catalytic Degradation Materials

Offer Hyperion single-atom TVOC Catalytic Degradation Materials

Atom series products developed by Hyperion can effectively degrade known TVOC and other unknown organic pollutants.

Single-atom materials are the limit of the development of nanomaterials. Unlike traditional nanomaterials, Single-atom materials have unique quantum properties and surface chemical activity, with atomic utilization of nearly 100%, high catalytic selectivity and high catalytic activity. They are called "pearls on the crown" in the field of catalysis. In the future, it will be widely used in high efficiency catalytic fields, including TVOC air treatment, fuel cell, pharmaceutical synthesis, basic chemical industry and so on. With advanced R&D technology and exquisite low-dimensional materials composite preparation process, Hyperion has taken the lead in developing single-atom TVOC catalytic degradation materials for degradation of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (TVOC) at room temperature in world wide. Atom series products developed by Hyperion can effectively degrade known TVOC and other unknown organic pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene series, ethyl acetate and so on, at room temperature and without light. The effective time and effect of Atom series products surpass traditional photocatalyst, biological enzyme, platinum-titanium series materials, and can be used in home decoration aftertreatment, air purifier and industrial fresh air system.

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