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Jorgen Hempel (HES-Group)





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HES-Switzerland Sàrl

Promoting the use of natural products in the building industry, we are on a mission to bring HempLime to the market, one project at a time. We have a solution which is simple, clean, healthy and profitable

Why HempLime products? What we have, is a tried and tested system that works, 25 years and 30 000m2 of renovation and construction experience. Limestone is a naturally abundant resource and was used to build ancient Rome (which still stands) and Hemp grows out of the ground.
The products we use are 100% natural, biodegradable and can be used to build an entire house (accompanied by a structure). We use no synthetics or cement in our products (one of the biggest polluters) which allows the overall reduction of cement in a house. It is easier than ever for Architects and developers to use our flagship product HES-mix, as it is used for floors, walls and roofs in a single membrane 'mono-wall'.
We have a simple systems which allows trained contractors to build and renovate houses using only 2 products made with 4 raw materials (hemp hurds, 95-98% pure hydrated lime, HES-plus minerals and water).
All products are mixed on the construction site. We are now looking to share our 25 years of HempLime experience with anyone interested in joining the movement with a head start.
We are not saying that HempLime is the only solution to healthier buildings but it is one which we are able to implement where the supply of hemp and lime are abundant (Europe and soon USA). We have a solution which is simple, clean, healthy and profitable. Call us to learn how to get started

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