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01139 Dresden, Germany

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Karl Leo, Martin Pfeiffer, Bert Männig, Peter Bäuerle, Jens Drechsel, Harald Eggerst



  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Sustainable cities and communities



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World-leader in industrial-grade organic solar films for decentralized electricity generation.

In 2030 Heliatek will enable every building to be 100% energy neutral and smart with access to an independent supply of truly green electricity. We offer organic Solar film solutions with world-class reliability thanks to our proprietary roll-to-roll production methods in vacuum. We are fully vertically integrated, with IP and know-how from material to end-product. Our business model is to supply custom-designed solutions to partners mainly in the building industry. Together with our partners, we develop ready-to-market products for the respective market segments. In our first pilot projects, we successfully combined our solar film with materials such as glass, concrete, and PVC membrane. Our initial target geographies are Germany, South-Europe, Middle-East, and South-East Asia, with clear plans to spread further in the next years. Heliatek is at the brink of launching the first commercial products from its unique series production facility in Dresden (Germany).

Company Heliatek

HeliaSol - Organic Solar Film

Offer HeliaSol - Organic Solar Film

HeliaSol is a flexible, ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin organic ready-to-use solar solution for various applications!

HeliaSol is a flexible, ultra lightweight, ultra-thin organic ready-to-use solar solution ideal for retrofitting existing building structures. It stands for an energy solution designed for various traditional and never before possible applications based on its unique features – it is ultra-light, flexible and truly green.

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Egypt, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Andorra, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria,

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Affordable and clean energy, Sustainable cities and communities

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Clean energy production, Building and shelters

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