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GreenLine Africa (Pty) Ltd is a unique sustainable energy solutions provider located in South Africa who have identified that industry is one of the biggest CO2 emitters, with a energy demand profile made up mainly of heat. To meet this demand our focus is primarily on the uptake of cutting edge solar thermal renewable technology in the food processing and manufacturing sectors throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Our mission is to reduce CO2 emissions on a large scale roll-out throughout Sub-Saharan Africa , in addition to also focus on water preservation and job security. The GreenLine Africa team is made up of 3 Directors, original founders and shareholders ,David Volkwyn Marketing and Distribution Director, David Fortune Business Development and Capital raising Director, and Henning Brand Chief Technical Director. The company is 51% black owned , and has a level 1 B-BBEE Black Business to Business Economic Empowerment Certification. Collectively we have 18 years experience in the solar thermal industry having completed 4 large thermal installations in the Hospitality sector and other smaller projects in the property development sector.  Our approach is simple and to the point, we offer long term benefits to our clients while reducing their energy cost and an incremental reduction in their CO2 emissions over the long term. In short we do good, while offering our clients a cost effective sustainable energy solution.

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Founded 2019
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Founders David Volkwyn
Headquarters Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
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Greenline Africa (Pty) ltd


Greenline Africa was formed in January of 2019 shortly thereafter signed an exclusive framework agreement with its technology partner Absolicon Sweden to acquire the rights to manufacture and install large scale solar thermal systems supplying heat and steam for industrial process throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Our initial goal is to build and operate a robotized production line that will manufacture the T160 solar collector in Southern Africa with local content, components, training ,transfer of skills and job creation. By manufacturing in South Africa the cost will be reduced to half that of an imported cost. The T160 has the highest optical efficiency's of any solar thermal collector producing heat and steam up to 160 degrees celsius at a 76% solar thermal efficiency. These temperatures are ideally suited for all processes in industry, Agri-Processing, Hospitality, Health Care, and high rise apartment blocks. The T160 can provide heat,steam, drying, waste water treatment, water purification, and cooling when combined with adsorption chillers. For 24 hour operations we are able to meet a 24 hour demand of any process with solar thermal storage for night time use which is 70% cheaper than battery's as in the case of PV. The technology was developed by Absolicon Sweden over a 20 year period together with leading Scandinavian University's, Research Institutes and testing facilities in Europe.There are in excess of 20 successful systems currently operating world wide. The T160 has the Solar Keymark Certification from the SPF Institute in Switzerland. Over the past two years GreenLine Africa have engaged with several large multinationals in the food and beverage sectors, including dairy product manufactures ,FMCG , pulp and paper, and chemical industry's all whom have shown a very keen interest in our technology and overall solutions. Clients range from AB InBev world wide, Coca-Cola Bottling SA, Danone, AMKA FMCG , Nestle, Distell Group , Lausanne Dairy's,Suid-West Dog Foods amongst others. We have our first project already signed with AB InBev for their new CDM Brewery just outside Maputo. This is a pilot of 500m2 which once we have demonstrated and achieved agreed KPI's they will then engage with us on a off take agreement for a larger field of 40 000m2. This will be on a heat purchase model.This would be half our production capacity for one year. We are in process of installing the system which should happen within the next 4 months providing their are no hold ups or restrictions caused by the impact of COVID19. AB InBev has 32 breweries in Sub Saharan Africa. Our Business Model In Short 1) Manufacture using local skills and sourcing up to 87% of local content which will provide 18 immediate jobs in the factory and other jobs through our third party suppliers. 2) Sell and distribute the T160 collectors through our network of other EPC partners and or resellers. 3) Sell energy as a service via a Heat Purchase model to big consumers of coal, HFO LFO Gas and diesel.ESCO Model. 3) Install with our EPC teams, providing on the job training, skills transfer and job creation. 4) O&M agreements to service the systems with our service teams creating further jobs. NB GreenLine Africa has developed a finacial model which allows for the sale of steam and heat on a Heat Purchase Agreement without any Capex required.We include all the carbon emissions per project plus the projected carbon tax savings in the model. We are working with several well funded Private Equity Firms with a view to fund these projects. Funding GreenLine Africa is looking for funding for their roll-out and operational expenses. Absolicon South Africa (owned by the three Directors) is looking for approximately 30% of the cost of the establishment of the production line. Detailed Financials and forecasts available. Please feel free to request additional information. Penned by David Volkwyn
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Headquarters Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

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