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2021 CA Haarlem, Netherlands

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Anne Marieke Eveleens, Francis Zoet, Saskia Studer





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The Great Bubble Barrier

A proven concept to reduce river plastics and an elegant bubbly solution to a worldwide problem.

Aims to stop riverine plastic debris before it gets the chance to enter our oceans and break down into even smaller pieces.
An estimated amount of 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic debris enters into our oceans on an annual basis, with severe consequences for the environment, human health and climate change. Up to 80% of the marine debris originates from land; rivers represent a significant entry path for the plastic debris. Therefore, measures are required to reduce further accumulation of plastic debris in the aquatic and marine environments.
The most visible impact caused by marine and aquatic plastic debris are the fatal effects on the digestive systems of animals when plastic objects are mistaken for food. Choking, inflammation of inner organs and starvation are the consequences.
Plastic debris in our oceans is also capable of transporting non-native organisms and bacteria to other continents and remote places where they unfold their invasive potential in the local ecosystem.
The Great Bubble Barrier (TGBB) will stop plastic debris in canals and rivers before in can enter our oceans where recovering will be very difficult and mostly impossible.
Unlike other installations in flowing waters, TGBB has an effect on the whole width and depth of the water body without hindering ship traffic or fish migration. This is the unique quality of TGBB which no other system offers.
By recovering plastic debris early in its long “pollution career” we minimize its negative impact on the environment.

Company The Great Bubble Barrier