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Glowee is a biotech using bioluminescence to offer an ecological alternative to electricity for lighting.

Glowee is a biotech startup at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology. At Glowee, we believe that nature went through 3.8 billion years of successful R&D and that cracking the DNA of plants and animals will reveal the most sustainable solutions to the toughest problems. This is what we do, using bioluminescence to create a clean source of light. Glowee reinvents light production by using technology nature has already created. Having identified the genetic coding which creates bioluminescence, Glowee inserts this coding into common, non-toxic and non-pathogenic microbes to produce clean, safe synthetic bioluminescence. Once engineered and grown, the microbes are encapsulated into a transparent shell, alongside a medium composed of the nutrients they need to live and make light. This lighting solution can indefinitely and exponentially grow with little infrastructure needed, and does not require any extraction of natural resources. The smooth and natural light does not contribute aggressively to modern light pollution and the bio-mass of these micro-organisms at end-of-life can be revalued bio-plastics, bio-fuels, and bio-vitamins. Glowee is also working on combining more properties like CO2 capture and water remediation, turning the waste in waste- water into the fuel for abundant, clean light.

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Offer Pipelight

Pipelight is a product dedicated to enlighten the urban landscape: signage, buildings facades, urban furniture, etc.

Glowee does not see bioluminescence as a radical substitute to electricity for lighting, but as an alternative mean to diversify energy sources depending on the uses, in order to have a massive impact. The outstanding aesthetic quality of the light produced by Glowee and its minimal carbon footprint make it an ideal solution to enhance, indicate or give visibility. To meet this vision, Glowee developed Pipelight, a product based on a technology of a liquid light produced and scattered by a bioreactor. Biroeactors enable to ensure a real-time management of the medium in which the microbes evolve, to offer long-lasting lighting services for mid to high scale uses, with a high environmental potential. Pipelight can take various forms and can be adapted to various uses. We develop two versions of Pipelight : > Pipelight 1 used for indoor lighting such as relaxation areas > Pipelight 2 used for outdoor lighting, by being plugged to a water network.

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