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Newlands Science Park Hull HU6 7TQ, UK

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Brenda Hopkins



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Feonic Ltd

Specialises in developing and miniaturisation powerful smart-material products and has been producing and selling a range of maintenance free, solid-state audio devices for over ten years under world-wide patent protection.

Laboratory results at Feonic showed that when the smart-material in one of these audio products is subjected to external vibrations, electrical energy is generated and can be harvested and stored in ultra or super-capacitors very efficiently.
Unlike most mechanical vibration harvesting devices Feonic technology does not need to be tuned to specific resonant frequencies, but harvests power over a wide frequency range. Following a number of documented rail accidents caused by failing train wheel bearings there is a real need to monitor the bearings temperatures in order to recognise and therefore predict change possibly avoiding potential failure.
Feonic were approached some time ago by an major rail operator seeking to develop a low cost, simple-to-fit, energy harvester that could be used to autonomously harvest power from large mechanical machines in extreme environments and conditions (including freight train wheel bearings) in order to remotely monitor and report on the condition of the host machine. The project we would like to submit will use Feonic's existing audio component supply chain and manufacturing skills to deliver this product.

Company Feonic Ltd

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Harvesting power from vibrations for machine monitoring

The Feonic Powercell Sensor (FPS) monitors and recognizes potential failure of large machines and freight trains using energy harvested from vibrations.
Solution Label July 2019 Solution