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Feonic Vibration Technology Limited

Feonic Powercell sensors are maintenance-free energy harvesters that predict & prevent wheel bearing failure on trains

Who are we? Feonic Vibration Technology Limited is a new start-up company that uses a patented magnetostrictive material to harvest electricity from the natural vibration of machines. The company is focusing initially on the rail industry to monitor the condition of wheel bearings of freight trains. Live trials with Network Rail in the UK have demonstrated the technology potential, and a series of global trials in the USA, China and Europe are planned over the next few months to validate the technology. The Company is initially looking to raise £200k seed- capital in order to validate the technology prior to raising £3.4m to productionise and set up manufacturing using its existing supply chain with final assembly in the UK.

 Historically Feonic Technology Ltd has specialised in developing & miniaturisation powerful smart-material products & has been producing & selling a range of maintenance free, solid-state audio devices for over ten years under world-wide patent protection. Unlike most mechanical vibration harvesting devices Feonic technology does not need to be tuned to specific resonant frequencies, but harvests power over a wide frequency range. 

The Feonic Hybrid Powercell (small, lightweight power generator) will harvest & store power from a wide range of vibration frequencies to create a small cost effective maintenance-free power generator which could accelerate the adoption of remote conditional monitoring of millions of large ageing machines, motors, turbines, generators, pumps and valves throughout the world of internet of things. 

Maintenance free, solid-state Feonic Powercell Sensors will replace current battery technology in remote conditional monitoring. Our target market (freight train wheel bearings) is one of the most difficult markets to work within, both environmentally and due to the need for ATEX ZONE 0 explosion proof compliance. 

This single market alone would avoid up to 80,000,000 primary batteries being added to landfill every two or three years. 

Company Feonic Vibration Technology Limited

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Harvesting power from vibrations for machine monitoring

The Feonic Powercell Sensor (FPS) monitors and recognizes potential failure of large machines and freight trains using energy harvested from vibrations.
Solution Label July 2019 Solution