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Shomrat/Center, Shomrat, Israel

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Alex Harel





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EZPack Water Ltd.

Develops, manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution and transportation; green-energy hot & cold water storage; pre-paid blockchain water billing systems..

EZPack Water Ltd. is a private Israel company that manufactures and markets 3 line of products: 1. Proprietary-innovative self-powered hybrid-green-energy water heating and cooling systems. 2. Water storage, transportation and distribution systems based on proprietary 2-layers bladders. 3. Pre-paid blockchain water billing systems. EZPack® products are based on the concept of double liner bladder that was developed in response to the requirements of the Israel Water Authority to provide a complete solution for water storage and transportation in crisis situations. Over time EZPack® product line was expanded, and it is now including a large variety of models and accessories. EZPack® hybrid-green-energy systems introduce new innovative concept of using water to store energy. Using this concept, EZPack® has developed new-cost-effective line for green-energy water heating and cooling systems. EZPack® pre-paid blockchain water billing system includes the following elements: Cell-phone app for ordering and paying for water; Payment and control system based on Blockchain; Smart meters at the customer location. Using blockchain technology the system is secured and almost impossible to hack; No fake transactions can be generated; No single-center point that controls the system; All information is transparent to all blocks.