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Gusu, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, 215000

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Nan Yuan, Qin Chen




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ePower Solutions Corporation Limited

ePower Solutions streams, analysis and utilizes the big data of entire lifecycle of solar PV system for asset safeguard.

ePower Solutions is developing various PV module-level controllers, optimizers and IoT devices, as well as our own cloud-based big data platform that currently connecting tens of MWs of DER PV systems across the country. Using the non-stop streaming data from individual PV module and other equipment including inverters and meters, we are able to closely monitor the status, output, health and potentials of all key components of a PV system. Driven by proprietary machine-learning algorithms that analyzing the non-stop influx of equipment data, we therefore can provide intelligent and targeted Operation & Maintenance services and data for PV users to ensure a safe and reliable lifetime of 25 years. Ultimately the value of PV assets is safeguarded by our smart solutions including both diversified IoT hardware and machine-learning algorithms.