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Philippe Pétard



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Environmental Sediment Treatment

An innovative, environmental and economic robotic dredging process that facilitates the recycling of the sediment.

E.S.T.’s mission Provide an environmental and sustainable solution for preventive and curative treatment of siltation problems with-and eco-innovative silt removal process. This nature-based solution is an economic and ecological alternative to current practices for removing, pretreating and especially recovering the sediment. By integrating environmental and economic challenges, E.S.T. enables the development and supply of recovery industries related to sediments worldwide (agricultural, construction, etc.). Solving all problems of siltation (dams performance, flooding, pollution, navigation on waterways ...), E.S.T De-silting Robot is a versatile machine which, with its development, will solve many other problems associated with the aquatic world: aquaculture waste, the fight against invasive plants, eutrophication, cyanobacteria ...

Labelled solution

E.S.T. - Dredging robotic system

An environmental and economic dredging solution to help recycle sediment from lake and river beds

A system of three robots to extract and prepare non-polluted sediments to be recycled directly on-site - including drying and conditioning them - thereby facilitating transport and reducing fuel costs.