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10124 Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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Fabio De Bellis



  • Affordable and clean energy



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Energy Ripple

Combining crowdfunding and ripple effect to accelerate green energy: from individual donations to global social benefit.

Renewables’ share in world energy production is continuously increasing, but a steep change in diffusion ratio is urgent, especially in wind and solar sources. Nevertheless, a direct contribution to such a change is still precluded to many individuals around the world, people willing to take action but without access to clean energy funding, particularly for very small amounts. The ‘Energy ripple’ project intends to create a permanent crowdfunding campaign where anyone can donate whatever sum with a guarantee: all the money will be employed to fund renewable energy power plants. Additionally, and differently from existing green energy crowdfunding, ‘Energy ripple’ will take the revenue coming from energy selling to local grids and reinvest everything  in more green energy plants (no return to contributors). Iterating the process, a ripple effect will be introduced, achieving a constant increase in clean energy production; wind and solar sources will be preferred to mitigate water dependency. The goal is to scale up as far as a self-sustaining chain reaction is achieved, thus propagating renewable energy generation in parallel to traditional (investment) funding mechanisms. In the meantime,  ‘Energy ripple’ will also be able to fund renewables’ installation in countries were green energy selling is not profitable (so, excluded from traditional funding), or to provide clean energy access to rural communities (off-grid) in developing countries  and during emergencies. ‘Energy ripple’ key points : 1. Crowdfunding to fund renewables (donations) 2. Reinvestment of all revenue in new plants (mixed growth) 3. Process iteration up to self-sustainment (ripple effect)


Energy Ripple


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Affordable and clean energy

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Clean energy production