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R. Três Mil e Cem - Centro, Balneário Camboriú - SC, 88330-304, Brazil

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Encaminhe Certo

Specialized in guiding companies in the path of sustainability and efficiency, whether in construction, renovation or operation.

Established in 2011, ECSS has invested more than $ 2 million in the development of patented technology, one of which is our partner KOLLVIK, conducting a full range of large-scale testing, as well as extensive emission testing, ultimately with the best composting in California and solid waste management in California, located in the Los Angeles Basin. ECSS has just completed its strategic alliance with Green Business Networking (GBN) for project implementation. In addition, ECSS is still finalizing FIRST MICRO CERVEJARIA of Brazil 100% sustainable, with treatment of effluents with WATLAND, every process of the brewery, does not discard any type of waste to nature, every process is clean, today this project is a REALITY . Our plans are increasingly to find companies or entrepreneurs focused on investing more early in the projects and have a sustainable and much more profitable return on the whole process. This will enable the company to expand its sustainable engineering support and establish partnerships. The company is well positioned to offer economical and highly sustainable solutions and high innovation for the projects.

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