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EcoStrate transforms a variety of local and global post consumer waste materials to create premium quality, longer-lasting, safer and cost effective composite substrates and building products. EcoStrate products reduce waste, use fewer natural resources

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2013
Company Size 10
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Founders Ronald M. Sherga
Headquarters Arlington, TX 76012, USA
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EcoStrate SFS, Inc. has developed a patent-pending technology that allows the Company to manufacture end-user products across several end-markets using 100% post-consumer waste and problematic materials, including textiles, e-waste and packaging waste. End-user products currently manufactured by EcoStrate include composites, traffic sign substrate, indoor signs, shipping containers, carpet/flooring and building products. Upon recent government and industry approval, EcoStrate’s traffic signs became the first and only non-aluminum, certified traffic sign alternative in the market. At below market cost with double digit margin returns. EcoStrate’s validated manufacturing process (California Air Resource Board, ISRI, Plastics Industry, EPA) has a low carbon footprint that consumes no water, uses low energy, and has a small manufacturing footprint. EcoStrate desires to use new funds to obtain larger scale manufacturing equipment and pre-processing equipment. With the additional equipment, EcoStrate will improve processing capabilities and expand its product offering to meet growing demand and orders. EcoStrate’s current manufacturing facility is located in Northeastern, USA. EcoStrate is committed to growing its presence within North America first and currently sources all of the textiles and most of the eWaste that the Company uses as raw materials for its products from properly certified vendors and channels. Sourcing volumes are large, sustainable and globally available. Objective: By using its patent-pending technology and proven processes, EcoStrate seeks to replace existing products that use more environmentally harmful and virgin raw materials; aluminum, plywood and virgin plastics. EcoStrate will aid the efforts of Circular Economy, ocean debris, and landfill reduction to achieve aggressive recycling goals, create a robust re-shoring solution for textiles, divert PCR polymer from landfills and do so locally, consuming no water and eventually be off the energy grid. Some of EcoStrate’s end-products have been proven to reduce theft, improve safety, reduce GHG emissions and save taxpayers millions of dollars in the process. In addition, EcoStrate’s focus on adding jobs in economically depressed zones and hiring persons with disabilities will allow communities to see added economic benefits and improved pride and purpose. Conclusion: The EcoStrate usage of fiber waste and eWaste plastics with a proven award-winning energy and water saving technology platform will result in the following achievables. • Operations in the USA will add jobs and help existing recyclers and collectors retain or add more jobs; readily adaptable to most global markets. • Improve air quality, reduce water consumption and become energy negative (by using solar and or wind energy installation). • Improve safety, reduce theft and save taxpayers money with various end-products. • Reduce landfill space and transportation costs. • Create a more positive image and end-of-life solutions for the Textile, Electronics and Plastics industries. • Accelerate the achievement of recycling goals for the Global market. The EcoStrate business model and set of solutions are not dependent on rebates, single-end markets or even local-markets to achieve success. This reduces financial risk and allows EcoStrate to serve a global marketplace. EcoStrate’s focus is on delivering high-quality products and solutions at competitive prices that drives large market disruption, improves the environment and leads to new offset markets and opportunities of employment and innovation.

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Headquarters Arlington, TX 76012, USA

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