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Ecosen Solutions Pte Ltd

In Situ Water Lab (Bringing Optical Lab to Water)

Ecosen Solutions Pte Ltd, a spin-off from MIT SMART, leverages a revolutionary patent-protected sensing technology to produce holistic water quality sensing and solution systems for supporting water management companies in safeguarding water resources and infrastructure so as to optimize users’ operations. Ecosen Solutions is also poised to work with and provide their customers with custom solutions that meet their specific needs at a lower cost. The core technical team of Ecosen Solutions brings decade of experience in multi-mode sensing technology development; water chemistry, biological pigments, and physical properties sensing; in-situ real-time spatiotemporal water quality observation that is complemented by operations and project execution expertise. Ecosen Solutions’ mission is to be the globally preferred water quality sensing and solution systems provider based in Singapore and aim to help the locals and the region improve water quality. Ecosen Solutions’ vision is to be the global leader in transforming the landscape of water quality management. Its values include excellence, integrity and passion.