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X-FUEL Energizer improves combustion on fossil fuel engines and flame based applications and reduces emissions significantly.

There is no such fast and highly profitable return on investment green solution today that can bring both economic and green advantages to our environment.

Our Plantet suffered already 6 Ice Ages in the past 650.000 years and the next one is already on the way due to climate changes. The most obvious evidence is that since 2013 it has never been so hot on Earth in the past 650.000 years. Despite global population increasing year after year, Ecomanda estimates that X-Fuel Energizer may potentially stop/slow down further climate changes significantly. Climate Change has direct impact to drinking water, food, decease spreading and wars. If you care about our long-term existence and want to support on what ever connections and ideas you may have in mind to speed up marketing X-Fuel Energizer worldwide please feel free contacting me anytime. OUR TOMORROW IS IN YOUR HANDS!

The Swiss enterprise Ecomanda AG, domiciled in Hünenberg, has been established with the aim of developing and implementing new technologies towards a sustained improvement in our living environment. Ecomanda AG seeks to launch new high-margin, high-tech products worldwide, as a basis for long-term success and growth. Our lean internal corporate structure and operational management promotes a flexible, pro-active and market-orientated approach, which in turn ensures maximum focus on our tasks and guarantees our autonomy. Ecomanda has developed a fuel additive which offers sustained improvements in the combustion process: An innovative, environmentally-friendly and pro-ecological product, trendsetting technology of the highest order and energy-efficient solutions for a variety of markets and customer requirements - worldwide.