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X-FUEL Energizer improves combustion on fossil fuel engines and flame based applications and reduces emissions significantly.

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Founded 2013
Company Size 15
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Founders Wolfgang Günter Foerg
Headquarters 6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland
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X-Fuel Energizer is an innovative and unique additive technology that acts physically on liquid fuel molecules to improve the combustion process. X-Fuel Energizer is an innovative additive technology that improves the combustion of liquid fuel based on a physical activation. The patented technology consists of a unique liquid chemical solution. This unique solution is physically charged by a hypersonic technology. When mixed into fuel at a ratio of 1:10,000 the optimized combustion results in more energy output and the emissions, such as CO, HC, NOx, particles and CO2 are reduced significantly. There is no such fast and highly profitable Return On Investment green solution available in the market today that can bring both economic advantages and green benefits to our environment. Benefits ======= • Improved combustion; • Reduction on fuel consumption; • Lower emissions; • Increased flame temperature; Testing and key results ==================== In engines X-Fuel Energizer leads to fewer unburned hydrocarbons, reduced particle emissions from diesel engines, better performance at start up and in cold weather, greater dynamic power and longer engine life-times. This has been confirmed by the numerous independent organizations in the field of vehicle emissions, which showed fuels savings of 8-17%, a 8-17% fall in CO2 emissions, a 43-73% fall in CO emissions, a 36-65% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions and a 10-20% decrease in NOx. Safe to use ========== Tests have proven X-Fuel Energizer to be safe to use. After the addition of X-Fuel Energizer, commercial fuels continue complying with EU standard regulations for diesel (EN 590), gasoline (EN 228), heavy fuel oil (RMG 380) and marine diesel (DMA). SGS reports stating that X-Fuel Energizer does not change the fuel parameters can be provided upon request. Patent: PCT/EP/2016/060462.
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Headquarters 6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland

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