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DIAgnostics for MATErial analysis in X-rays

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2016
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Headquarters 00043 Ciampino, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Diamatex Ltd is a start-up company, founded in 2016 by three experienced physicists, to valorise and promote their invention, working with soft X- rays and called SELEX, able to recognize and discriminate black plastics. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is widely used to detect heavy impurities in materials and X-ray Transmission (XRT) as well, for selecting different kind of materials (i.e. wood, stone, glass, paper, metals…), but not recognition of polymers. Thanks to an original scheme that exploits sinergically XRF, XRT and X-ray scattering, SELEX technique is able to recognize the polymer (PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC-ABS, PA, PC, PMMA, PBT, POM, PVC…) but also fillers, reinforcers, additives, stabilizers, flame-retardants, and pollutants. The device has been patented in Italy by Diamatex recently and carried out this year. Since this is an unprecedented technology, efforts and investments will be required to promote it and tailor it for the different applications. The technique does not require any treatment of the sample and it is contacless, so in principle can be automatized for a fast discrimination in-line for recycling. At present this device is produced in a portable version, useful for laboratory or on field quick tests, requiring only a few seconds for the analysis. (for more details see The SELEX technique has been successfully applied also in leather and fashion industry for a quick (a few seconds) measurement of absolute concentration of metals and other elements in the leather and for recognition of supplier and production lot. This machine can be used then for many other materials (wood, paper, tissue…) for quality control of the raw material (input) and the products (output), for compliance and for avoiding pollutant elements. Finally a new prototype, based on this innovative approach, has been carried out for automatic selection of small ( < 30 mm) metal scraps that recycling industry cannot select so far with the existing technologies. Diamatex in addition can offer custom made solutions for X-ray spectroscopy and imaging for non-destructive tests, configurations for microtomography, microradiography and for detection of ionising radiation (gammas, neutrons, electrons, alphas…)
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Headquarters 00043 Ciampino, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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